Emergence 2019 for Founders

Complimentary founders ticket

Emergence is the ultimate destination for Founders and Directors looking to accelerate their growth, scale and raise capital in 2019. With 10 Founders Workshops and presentations from 15 Investment groups seeking to invest in early stage and Emerging Growth companies, it is your opportunity to speak directly with the people who can empower or invest in your business


Emergence will feature;


  • 10 Founders Workshops: How to accelerate growth, scale and raise capital in 2019

  • 15 Investment Groups who have invested $100’s of million into the Australian ecosystem and have 100+ investments. You will discover exactly what each is looking for when looking for new investment opportunities

  • 5 absolutely essential ingredients required for a successful equity crowdfunding raise

  • Discover how to raise capital from Anthony Thomson (Chairman of 86400). Anthony has successfully raised over $1 Billion and is the Founder of 2 NEO Banks in the UK

  • How to access your R&D grant funding in advance and receive it quarterly

  • How can use AI and the wisdom of 25000+ transaction to successfully raise capital? The session will show you the platform you need to raise capital with confidence

  • Why the Lightning Network has the potential to deliver on what Blockchain promised

  • How to execute a successful Security Token Offering

  • Key factors in empowering your Investor Relations Strategy

  • Discover the capital raising and trade opportunities for Australian companies in India

  • Doing business in ASEAN. How to raise capital, discover partners and create trade opportunities

  • How to hire the right staff for growth and success


With over 1,500 attendees across 2 events - comprised of professional investors, VC and PE firms, investment banks, fund managers, directors, executives, founders and more - Emergence is one of the largest investment conferences of the year.


Featured Investment Groups - Reverse Pitch - Venture meets Investors


This unique session is for Founders and Investors to hear directly from Fund Managers what they are looking to invest in. Hear from Telstra Ventures, One Ventures, Jelix Ventures, ITF Corporation, Leap, Deepridge Capital, Leonie Hill Capital, BMY Group, Leap Capital, Peak Asset Management, Alium Capital, Uni Innovate Group, Antler, Memorandum Capital, Apollo Capital and many more.

Register to attend Emergence 2019 - Brisbane here (25-26 Feb 2019) and Sydney here (28 Feb-1 Mar 2019).