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Peter Jordan, Director

City Sky

Capital raising requires an experienced team with a good understanding of the whole process from crafting the initial pitch document through to how to effectively follow-up with potential prospects and ultimately closing the deal..the team at Wholesale Investor have been excellent in their structured guidance, their open approach to sharing the most effective bespoke approach that suits your business and quick and efficient response times to successfully raise capital. I would highly recommend Wholesale Investor.”

Monik Kotecha, CEO, Insync Funds Management


Frazis Capital
Financial Services / Fund Manager / Life Sciences / Fintech / Robotics / Software-as-a-Service

The Frazis Fund invests in leading innovative growth companies around the world, specifically those with intense customer love, exponential revenue growth, and genuine market leadership. The Fund has broad discretion to invest across various liquid asset classes.

Movepal Pty Ltd
Logistics Technology / Software-as-a-Service / Transportation

Movepal is the “Uber of Furniture” – on-demand moving. The MovePal app matches Customers and Movers, with native features that promote flexibility, price transparency, trust and provide real-time move management. MovePal uses quality-assured, uniformed drivers and vehicles to provide exceptional service. Differentiators include high-quality, reliable and insured moving service, pre-vetted movers and vehicles.

Collaborate Corporation Limited
e-Commerce, Online Marketplace, Automotive

Collaborate (ASX:CL8) launched Carly, Australia’s first flexible car subscription service in March 2019 and rapidly secured automotive industry leaders SG Fleet (ASX:SGF) & Turners Automotive (ASX:TRA) as significant shareholders. 

Carly is an alternative to finance or outright purchase of a vehicle. Average subscription is 5.3 months. Omnipoll research shows that 38% of Australians would consider car subscription.

Fintech, Supply Chain Management Technology

Incomlend is an award-winning global trade finance fintech-platform delivering cross-border factoring and supply chain finance solutions to companies worldwide and at the same time providing insured, uncorrelated private credit opportunities for investors.

NextGen Funds Management
Technology, Artificial Intelligence

NextGen believes that Artificial Intelligence will be the defining technology of our time. AI innovation will create rapid advancements in technology which will transform our way of life in the years ahead. Our experience, knowledge, and network throughout the AI & technology sectors allow us to offer a unique mix of exciting investment opportunities that are unavailable to public markets.

Achieved Music
Music, Social Media, App

A mobile app/website committed to musicians off all popularity, no longer will they have to feel unwanted because they don’t have a large following. Also website dedicated to providing the largest list of do it yourself producers who will be able to sign up and offer their services. As well as blogs and all the latest events.

Perks Hospitality Group
Food and Beverage, Gaming, Hospitality

PHG creates an environment and experience in the hospitality industry that is both unique and authentic.
We focus on the growth and empowerment of our leaders and teams so they can improve the quality of their lives and in turn share this with our patrons and beyond.
The mass takeover by corporate institutions has devalued the true essence of hospitality and pushed venues into a supermarket style model that is soulless and only motivated by shareholder returns.

Vantari VR
Education, Healthcare, Virtual Reality

Vantari is Virtual Reality training for Healthcare. We help doctors and students practice and perfect lifesaving procedures in VR in order to reduce medical error and improve patient outcomes. Founded by clinicians in 2017, Vantari has positioned itself as the number 1 medical VR company in Australia with partnerships with major tertiary hospitals.

Uncharted Power Pte Ltd

We were established in July 2019 in Singapore. Our mission is to develop Geothermal Power Plants in Asia to create a Fossil Fuel Free Future.

We plan to develop Myanmar’s first Geothermal Power Plant. We have the Regional Government’s approval to proceed with exploration. We have strong support from the region’s religious and village leaders and villagers for our project.

e-Commerce, Property, Software-as-a-Service

Trabr is revolutionary, mobile first, cloud-based, real-time SaaS workflow, project management and communication platform purpose built for a 360° network of SME builders, sub-contractors, consumers, suppliers and service providers with an integrated supply chain, procurement and delivery solution. Trabr is creating value by enabling mobile, real-time project collaboration, communication, coordination and control between all project stakeholders, network participants and marketplace vendors involved with building and renovation projects anywhere. 

Road-Runner-Mobile-Tyres-260x260 (1).png
Road Runner Mobile Tyres
Consumers, Consumer Goods, e-Commerce

In an age of convenience defined by disruptive services, Australia’s tyre market is ripe for disruption. And with demand for tyres ever-rising, purchasing factors such as choice, convenience and value for money are becoming paramount.

This is especially timely in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has elevated the necessity for more socially distant services. With all these factors combining in 2020, we believe Road Runner is uniquely placed to take advantage of market conditions and become a major player in the Australian tyre market, leveraging our mobile tyre-fitting service.

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Financial Services, Fund Manager, Property, Fintech

Catapolt’s mission is to transform homeownership. Saving up for a sufficient deposit is the biggest obstacle facing homebuyers.

They solve this problem by co-investing alongside the existing savings of prospective homebuyers to bridge the 20% deposit requirement. 

In exchange, they share in the future change in property value when the home is either sold or refinanced.

EG Private Wealth
Fund Manager / Private Equity / Property / Fintech

EG grows the wealth of our private investors through commercial property syndication opportunities. Achieving consistent, above-average returns and capital security, EG takes a personalised and aligned approach to every opportunity.

8VI Holdings Ltd
Financial Services

8VI Holdings Limited (“8VI”) is a Singapore-based FinEduTech company operating under the brand name VI.

Established in 2008, VI is the representation of our beliefs and roots in Value Investing and empowers the average man-on-the-street to achieve sustainable wealth as part of their mission to make investments smarter, faster and easier.

Stact Tech Pty Ltd
Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Fintech, Governance Technology, Robotics, Software-as-a-Service

STACT is a technology based platform that will assist the Built Environment and Infrastructure industry in a far more positive way than what currently exists. Importantly it is scalable to be compatible with large or small projects implementation.

FoundAt Pty Ltd
Social Media, Technology, Augmented Reality

The FoundAt platform can be likened to a Digital Twin of the Earth yet it solves the shortcomings of existing Digital Twin Platforms and unlocks the true potential of large scale Spatial Data for everyone.

Untitled-design-260x260 (4).jpg
ME 1 Pty Ltd t/a My Property Solutions

Investor receives quarterly interest payments direct from residential rent collections in the Sydney rental market. Investors are paid first before business expenses, from the trust account where all rent payments are received.

Peak Medical
Commercialisation, Early Stage, Seed Capital

Peak Medical has an experienced team and leader, a transferrable core technology for rapid multiple product ranges, addressing global health equality through delivering devices for people to use in their home. Reducing healthcare costs, reducing access barriers so every person gains optimal healthcare. Peak Medical will be addressing 3% of their total market size across 2021-2023, changing healthcare access for over 7 million people globally, annually.

Technology, Blockchain, Transportation

deoblockchain®  delivers a first-in-kind solution to identify what supply chain practitioners have been in search of for decades: missing data.

This multi-layer digitised platform accelerates the flow of accurate information across a supply chain.

Powered by blockchain technology, it advances operational performance and decision making while minimising complexity, human error, and risk.

deoblockchain® is designed and built by supply chain people for supply chain people.

RegPac Revolution Pte. Ltd
Big Data, Fintech, Software-as-a-Service

RegPac Revolution is an ecosystem builder, incubator and business accelerator in the Regulatory Technology (RegTech) space, striving to co-innovate, develop and accelerate the RegTech industry through cross-industry collaboration and our brand-new Vendor Management Advisory Platform (VMAP).

It is through these initiatives, RegPac promotes & educates on the underlying technologies revolutionising the compliance / risk management sectors of the future.

Rewire Holding LTD
Financial Services, Banking, Technology, Internet

Rewire Holding is a UK registered Fintech using the Saurus.com registered EU-trademark. Our market focus is on the Hispanic, Anglo & Muslim diasporas in Spain & UK (EEA).

Our technology is backed by IPR (2 granted & 1 pending patent).  Our aim is to reach P&L breakeven in four years after Series A. Completed our APPs & Cloud infrastructure end Oct.´20, fully developed in-house, feeding into a regulated EMI Fintech to enter the international financial system.

ForexBriefcase PTE LTD
Financial Services, Fund Manager

A forex investment company with more than 700 clients globally and a growing Asset Under Management (AUM). Clients receive an above-market rate of return (over 30% a year), with monthly results and overall track record verified and published on the site.

ICEE Containers Pty Ltd

ICEE developed a patented process that creates a strong, durable hinge for particle foam within its moulding process. As the resulting boxes are hinged during moulding, it means no additional production costs were incurred for the feature but allowed for the boxes to be packed flat during bulk transportation and storage. ICEE’s business model is to license existing moulders globally for a royalty based on sales. Low-cost business model with no manufacturing capital expenditure ensures strong future cash flows and early path profitability.

Geniusto International LTD
e-Commerce, Financial Services, Fintech

Geniusto is a fintech company, headquartered in Perth with operations in:  Philippines, Singapore, & the UK.  Geniusto’s “Bank-in-the-Box” modernizes and transforms legacy institutions across 4 platforms:  

1) Omni-Channel

2) Loans-Management

3) Core-Banking

4) “ePera,” a Social Banking “B2B2C” ecosystem.  

Their revenue in 2019 was USD1.4M. Currently implementing a “monetized” ecosystem for 20M users in ASEAN, to target unprecedented revenue growth.

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