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Daniel Erez, CEO

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Peter Jordan, Director

City Sky

Capital raising requires an experienced team with a good understanding of the whole process from crafting the initial pitch document through to how to effectively follow-up with potential prospects and ultimately closing the deal..the team at Wholesale Investor have been excellent in their structured guidance, their open approach to sharing the most effective bespoke approach that suits your business and quick and efficient response times to successfully raise capital. I would highly recommend Wholesale Investor.”

Monik Kotecha, CEO, Insync Funds Management


Emergence is host to emerging growth companies raising capital, and home to Australasia's brightest entrepreneurs, and innovators.


DIT Agtech

Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technology, Agritech

At DIT AgTech, our purpose is “To enable farmers to produce more with less”.

This is the driver and motivator behind everything we are working towards.


Revenues have increased 1200% in the last 2 FY’s and are projected to continue on a steep growth path as farmers adopt supplementing livestock via drinking water.

Quoin International Pty Ltd

Blockchain, Fintech, Software-as-a-Service

Quoin International Pty Ltd has developed an efficient, unique and first of its kind Blockchain platform through our recent acquisition and synergy with PLAAK Pte Ltd (Singapore), an established Blockchain Technology Company. PLAAK is an established business that delivers Enterprise Blockchain & Cryptocurrency based products and solutions.


Healthcare, Medical Devices

Zero-Cast Wx is a state-of-the-art fracture stabilization system. It offers clinicians and their patients a tamper-proof, lightweight, comfortable, adjustable, hygienic, waterproof solution for the treatment of wrist fractures and injuries requiring stabilization.

Lygon 1B Pty Ltd

Technology, Blockchain, Fintech

Lygon is a digital market operator that helps companies create financial agreements quickly and securely.

Beckon Capital

Financial Services, Fund Manager, Private Equity, Fintech

Beckon Capital is an impact growth equity investor in businesses and assets that generate quality financial returns while making a positive and measurable impact in the world.

Posture360 Australia Ltd

Consumers, e-Commerce, Sport, Healthcare, Technology, App, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Software Development, Software-as-a-Service

Posture360 is the only vertically integrated platform technology that provides corrective posture products with the latest baked in sensor technology analysing good and bad posture throughout the day with gamified rewards helping users optimize their posture in real-time, beginning the road to long-term health and preventative solutions.

My Rewards International Ltd

e-Commerce, Technology, Online Marketplace

My Rewards International Ltd (“MRI” or “myRewards”) is a leading Australian provider of customer, member and employee rewards, loyalty and engagement solutions for over 25 years.


Property, Technology, Online Marketplace

RentRabbit.com.au is Australia’s first and only website giving insight into experiences of renters at rental properties.

Inception Labs

Healthcare Services, Online Marketplace

Inception Labs has consolidated a vertically integrated distribution channel in New Zealand for nutritional supplements. A strong network of retailers, the widest combined social influence from our team of recognised athletes and personalities, combined with the highest scientific credibility underpins Inception Labs’ position in the New Zealand market.


Biotechnology, Life Sciences

Novapep was founded by Prof John Griffin of The Scripps Research Institute, San Diego and Jay Hennock, founder and CEO of Bioatrix, Sydney to develop new peptide structures, which are anti-inflammatory, cytoprotective and analgesic for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis/inflammatory skin disorders (‘ISD’) and inflammatory bowel disease/irritable bowel syndrome (‘IBD’).

SilVR Adventures Pty Ltd

Healthcare, Technology, Virtual Reality

SilVR Adventures’ mission is to tackle isolation and loneliness with seniors by bringing people together through shared experiences in virtual reality and has never been more important.

Our award winning VR based experience and communication solution offers residents of care providers the chance to chat, travel the world and even watch a classic movie with other residents, all in a virtual world.

KD Funds

Fund Manager, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Property, Fintech

KD Funds is a First Mortgage Fund specialising in boutique Sydney metro property developments that have good project fundamentals but fall outside the lending criteria of the major banks that have retreated from the space for the last 3 years. KD provides two investment options; a Mortgage Debt Fund and a Preferred Equity Fund. The targeted returns vary between 6 and 12% net of fees depending on the Fund and associated risk. The Fund Term is either two or three years with a one year extension if required. Early redemption liquidity is available.


Energy, Renewable Energy, Technology, Cleantech

An energy intelligence advisory platform that assess and recommends commercial and industrial building owners to a fully financed renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to help them reduce their monthly utility cost and carbon emission.


Healthcare, Biotechnology, Healthcare Services, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Big Data

MUVi is a medical technology company that is developing an integrated disinfection system, which includes the mobile Germicidal light device and the disinfection detection sensor, called MUViLight and MUViSense. MUViLight allows for the disinfection of hospital environments, such as the operating theatre using a Germicidal light disinfecting system which is mobile and not bulky. MUViSense in turn can quantify the level of disinfection available in an environment.


Education, Technology, Virtual Reality

Learning Pod Group is a Leader in Education that has acknowledged a problem and is here to provide a solution to all parties!


Financial Services, Fund Manager

Unhedged is a super simple app-based experience that allows everyday investors to assign their money to advanced AI trading algorithms to access higher performance.

eleXsys Energy

Renewable Energy, Property, Artificial Intelligence, Cleantech, Greentech, Software-as-a-Service

eleXsys Energy is the developer of eleXsys® – a transformative AI and IoT-based technology that enables electricity grids to accept multiple times more distributed clean energy resources without the need for expensive infrastructure and equipment upgrades. It makes “SUPER” large microgrids, at up to 10 x bigger than current technology and grid constraints allow, to be commercially viable.

Ozedi Holdings Pty Ltd

Fintech, Software Development, Software-as-a-Service, Supply Chain Management Technology

OZEDI is Australasia’s digital delivery expert, delivering critical payroll, superannuation and business data swiftly, securely and cost-effectively. Single Touch Payroll, SuperStream and Standard Business Reporting are core business units within OZEDI.

ADAM Project

Healthcare, Biotechnology, Healthcare Services, Medical Devices, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, 3D Printing

A.D.A.M. (Advanced Development of Additive Manufacturing) is a biotech company that provides 3D-bioprinting services on demand. A.D.A.M. uses its proprietary 3D-printing technology and patented materials to manufacture bioresorbable and biodegradable patient-specific implants (primarily, bone implants).


Education, Technology, Online Marketplace

Opasa is an Australian IT Services and Solutions company. We provide software development services to businesses, and we have built an e-learning platform (Vimarza) for Indian cultural content.

Banxa Holdings Inc

Banking, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Fintech, Internet

Banxa is an internationally compliant Payment Service Provider (PSP) servicing crypto exchanges, wallets and other cryptocurrency businesses.

PayGroup Limited

Human Resources, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Services, Fintech, Software-as-a-Service

PayGroup is a leading provider of Software as a Service (“SaaS”) and Software with a Service (“SwaS”) Payroll and Human Capital Management (“HCM”) solutions to multinational companies (“MNCs”) and workforce management companies operating across 33 countries.

Living Image

Consumers, Retail

Exciting new business with a first-to-market digital advertising mirror format that offers advertisers a brand new, high-end advertising channel within retail shopping centres. We’ve already rolled out at 257 sites across greater Syd, Melb & Bris pursuant to long-term, exclusive commercial contracts with leading shopping centre groups, and our team of experts bring a proven track record in Out-of-Home media, including developing and managing an advertising business known as Adshel from a near start-up to becoming market leader in Aust & NZ, and ultimately being sold in 2018 to oOh Media Ltd for $570m.


Financial Services, Fund Manager, Property, Fintech

Catapolt’s mission is to transform homeownership. Saving up for a sufficient deposit is the biggest obstacle facing homebuyers.

They solve this problem by co-investing alongside the existing savings of prospective homebuyers to bridge the 20% deposit requirement.

In exchange, they share in the future change in property value when the home is either sold or refinanced.

ForexBriefcase PTE LTD

Financial Services, Fund Manager

A forex investment company with more than 700 clients globally and a growing Asset Under Management (AUM). Clients receive an above-market rate of return (over 30% a year), with monthly results and overall track record verified and published on the site.

Uncharted Power Pte Ltd


We were established in July 2019 in Singapore. Our mission is to develop Geothermal Power Plants in Asia to create a Fossil Fuel Free Future.
We plan to develop Myanmar’s first Geothermal Power Plant. We have the Regional Government’s approval to proceed with exploration. We have strong support from the region’s religious and village leaders and villagers for our project.


Technology, Blockchain, Transportation

deoblockchain® is a new generation disruptive brand delivering a first in its kind supply chain solution. to an industry wide problem; missing data.

Supply chain is a $100bn Australian industry that’s continuously challenged to adopt emerging technologies to simplify operations, be competitive and meet customers demand for real time information.

We are different, we deliver:

Critical data that existing supply chain software and systems cannot retrieve today.
Information in real time, enabling accurate, considered, and instant decisions.


Social Media, Technology, Augmented Reality

The FoundAt platform can be likened to a Digital Twin of the Earth yet it solves the shortcomings of existing Digital Twin Platforms and unlocks the true potential of large scale Spatial Data for everyone.

My Property Solution Sydney


Investor receives quarterly interest payments direct from residential rent collections in the Sydney rental market. Investors are paid first before business expenses, from the trust account where all rent payments are received.

Carly Holdings Limited

e-Commerce, Online Marketplace, Automotive

Collaborate (ASX:CL8) launched Carly, Australia’s first flexible car subscription service in March 2019 and rapidly secured automotive industry leaders SG Fleet (ASX:SGF) & Turners Automotive (ASX:TRA) as significant shareholders. 

Carly is an alternative to finance or outright purchase of a vehicle. Average subscription is 5.3 months. Omnipoll research shows that 38% of Australians would consider car subscription.

Surf Lakes


Surf Lakes 5 Wave technology is the world’s first multi-break surf park, where 5 different levels of waves are created simultaneously.

Unity 888

Entertainment, Gambling, Sport

Peer to Peer sports betting platform built on Blockchain, with crypto as a wagering token. Our own Ethereum pegged U888 token is utilized for betting.

Blockchain technology is the new industrial revolution at its dawn, that will disrupt the traditional ways in service industry. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon were propelled by the technological advancement of their time and hold a majority global share as early leaders in their respective markets. Unity888 aims to embark for this destiny and become a future Unicorn of this still unclaimed market space of Blockchain’s technological revolution.


Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Medical Devices

Biorithm is developing a comprehensive remote monitoring suite for obstetrics using novel sensors and algorithms to offer clinical grade, self-monitoring of fetal & maternal heart rate and contractions, which will improve access to care for expecting women.


Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

UAM Tec’s untethered environmentally friendly autonomous underwater vehicle provides accessibility at a lower cost and with greater mapping accuracy and precision than its competitors.


Technology, Governance Technology, Software-as-a-Service

Systemate is an automated, agile, go anywhere no-code SaaS platform for data management. With features including AI assisted app design, workflow automation, mobile offline mode and API’s to intergrade with 3rd parties or IoT we have an edge in this booming industry.

Gardian Technologies

Medical Devices, Technology, Artificial Intelligence

Gardian Technologies Pty Ltd (Gardian) operates in the medical technology (medtech) industry category, a category considered an eminent part of the healthcare sector.

ARC Systems

Property, App, Fintech, Software-as-a-Service, Virtual Reality

ARC Network is a fast, mobile based proptech platform developed for project marketing professionals and property developers.

Nano Nutrients

Consumer Goods, Biotechnology

Nano Nutrients is an Australian bio-nutraceuticals company focused on researching and developing chemical free botanical nano and water-soluble wellness innovations for use in consumer products.

AXIchain Pty Ltd

Agriculture, Technology, Agritech, Blockchain, Fintech, Governance Technology, Logistics Technology, Online Marketplace

The leading international trading platform overcoming the barriers of connecting farmers to international buyers. A visual and easy to use platform automating the 57 steps down to 3 steps required to successfully export from farm to destination port.


Financial Services, Property

DomaCom Ltd is the first ASIC registered and ASX listed Fractional Investment Fund in Australia designed to provide an asset allocation solution to investing in property by enabling property to be invested in small amounts from $2,500 upwards.

PVStop International Pty Ltd

Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, Technology

PVSTOP has developed, patented and achieved global compliance for an innovative solution to a critical and growing global problem – how to safely isolate the power produced by solar panels. A safety revolution in the world’s fastest growing industry sector – renewable energy.

Sydney Rum Distillery Pty Ltd

Food and Beverage, Manufacturing

Sydney Rum Distillery is an advanced rum manufacturing and global brand building business. SRD is construction-ready with market and proof of concept validated for a state of art greenfields development. Focused on crafting a range of the finest premium rums with science and innovation, delivered with Australian provenance and contemporary branding to global markets.

Renewed Carbon Pty Ltd

Agriculture, Environmental

Carbon is a vital part of our economic productivity and environmental balance.

Renewed Carbon is in the business of:

substituting carbon in the full range of products and uses that is currently derived from “fossil” sources with that sourced from (bio) renewable sources.
Enabling the restoration of degraded rangeland agricultural properties, helping restore the water and nutrient bearing capacity of soil and increasing the economic productivity.


Technology, Blockchain

DigitalX is a Blockchain company with offices in Perth and New York. The Company offers blockchain consulting and development services and funds management services focused on digital assets.

Elite Cannabinoids

Agriculture, Healthcare, Manufacturing

Elite Cannabinoids is a Medicinal Cannabis Company in the Gascoyne regions of WA. We received two federal licences in Jan’21 that allow us to cultivate and manufacture High THC and High CBD cannabis plants and therapeutics on our 46ha property.


Fund Manager, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech

Gembot has built an investment platform that creates parcels of stocks that are then actively managed over a 120 day (on average) investment cycles to provide better than average returns.
Our focus is quality and relatively new companies that should see an outsized gain in their stock price once the market changes it’s perspective on that specific asset.

JPK Pacific

Leisure, Sport, Manufacturing

JPK Pacific holds the exclusive license of the French yacht manufacturer JPK Composites to manufacture and sell JPK yachts across Asia Pacific. JPK yachts have a demonstrated track record of exceptional racing success are competitively priced and an all-round versatile racer / cruiser. The JPK qualities satisfy the generational change to include lifestyle and family as a buyer selection consideration for a racing yacht. The success and popularity is qualified by the 2 year waitlist in Europe for a new boat.

Twisted Xeros

Healthcare, Software-as-a-Service

Twisted Xeros platform uses the principals of behavioural economics to assist with addressing issues of stress, anxiety and frustration for people by promoting improved and calmer emotional states by provoking a dopamine response in users.


Medical Devices, Manufacturing, Advanced Materials

Biotome, founded in 2017 by Professor Samuel Lundin, Dr Alma Fulurija and Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall, is developing next-generation antibody tests (serology tests) based on precision immunology.

Interactive Engineering

Technology, Software Development

Interactive Engineering has been building out a vision of an active, undirected structure in a computer, first as a decision analysis tool, then applying the technology to allow a machine to read and understand text, while expanding what it can understand.

Carbon Sync

Agriculture, Agritech, Cleantech

Carbon Sync is a full-service carbon farming project developer. We provide an agricultural education service, facilitate the creation of carbon removal credits and aggregate and market these credits. We manage the end-to-end solution.


Engineering, Technology

We are an innovative and unique technology based engineering business founded in 2020 by highly experienced engineers. We provide quality assured design, documentation, specifications and reports for Infrastructure and Building projects globally.



LightningFlow created by The Migration Company is a patent pending, trademarked solution that offers the worlds most advanced, most flexible, most powerful data, application and network edge computing optimisation platform that increases connectivity speeds by up to 9 times for end users and organisations.

ICEE Holdings Pty Ltd

Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Technology

ICEE developed a patented process that creates a strong, durable hinge for particle foam within its moulding process. As the resulting boxes are hinged during moulding, it means no additional production costs were incurred for the feature but allowed for the boxes to be packed flat during bulk transportation and storage. ICEE’s business model is to license existing moulders globally for a royalty based on sales. Low-cost business model with no manufacturing capital expenditure ensures strong future cash flows and early path profitability.

Trabr Ltd

e-Commerce, Property, Software-as-a-Service

Trabr is revolutionary, mobile first, cloud-based, real-time SaaS workflow, project management and communication platform purpose built for a 360° network of SME builders, sub-contractors, consumers, suppliers and service providers with an integrated supply chain, procurement and delivery solution. Trabr is creating value by enabling mobile, real-time project collaboration, communication, coordination and control between all project stakeholders, network participants and marketplace vendors involved with building and renovation projects anywhere.


Education, Financial Services, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Online Marketplace, Software-as-a-Service

RegPac Revolution is an ecosystem builder, incubator and business accelerator in the Regulatory Technology (RegTech) space, striving to co-innovate, develop and accelerate the RegTech industry through cross-industry collaboration and our brand-new Vendor Management Advisory Platform (VMAP).

It is through these initiatives, RegPac promotes & educates on the underlying technologies revolutionising the compliance / risk management sectors of the future.

Peak Medical

Healthcare, Medical Devices

Peak Medical has an experienced team and leader, a transferrable core technology for rapid multiple product ranges, addressing global health equality through delivering devices for people to use in their home. Reducing healthcare costs, reducing access barriers so every person gains optimal healthcare. Peak Medical will be addressing 3% of their total market size across 2021-2023, changing healthcare access for over 7 million people globally, annually.


Fintech, Supply Chain Management Technology

Incomlend is an award-winning global trade finance fintech-platform delivering cross-border factoring and supply chain finance solutions to companies worldwide and at the same time providing insured, uncorrelated private credit opportunities for investors.

8VI Holdings Ltd

Financial Services

8VI Holdings Limited (“8VI”) is a Singapore-based FinEduTech company operating under the brand name VI.

Established in 2008, VI is the representation of our beliefs and roots in Value Investing and empowers the average man-on-the-street to achieve sustainable wealth as part of their mission to make investments smarter, faster and easier.

EG Private Wealth

Fund Manager / Private Equity / Property / Fintech

EG grows the wealth of our private investors through commercial property syndication opportunities. Achieving consistent, above-average returns and capital security, EG takes a personalised and aligned approach to every opportunity.

Greenfields Premium Brands Inc.

Agriculture, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Renewable Energy, Private Equity, Manufacturing, Property, Agritech

To supply leasable and compliant space and land to qualified tenants in the Hemp and Cannabis regulated markets in Canada. The Micro cultivation, processing concentrates labs, as well as the outdoor, grow sites for hemp, will exceed the current municipal and provincial code for green development, while also providing space that is compliant with the EU GMP standard for food production.

Opuz Pty Limited

Healthcare, Biotechnology, Medical Devices

Opuz is a wearable monitoring ring that is a revolution in diabetes technology.

In a recent clinical study Opuz demonstrated that it has the potential to replace both traditional and modern methods of blood glucose measurement.


Technology, Transportation

At Shebah, we deliver the safest on demand solution for women and children. A purpose-built tech platform that sets us apart. Shebah is the go-to option with 253,000 passengers and the most highly vetted women drivers in Australia.

Graphene Manufacturing Group

Energy, Electricity, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Infrastructure, Cleantech, Greentech

GMG is a clean-technology company that has developed and proved its own proprietary production process to manufacture Graphene powder from readily available low-cost feedstock.

Early Education Holdings

Education, Private Equity

Early Education Holdings* (EEH) is a newly established partnership with an ambitious vision to acquire and develop local, community focused childcare centres across the Eastern seaboard of Australia. Childcare centres are a stable, government backed business funded by both Federal and Sate & Territory governments, and with the outbreak of COVID-19 contributing to the recent fall in attendence across the sector, EEH has identified the neglected and highly fragmented mid-sized market (40-75 places) as ripe with opportunity.

CV Laser

Healthcare, Medical Devices

CV Laser, is a Perth Australia based Biotech Company which has significant strengths in the areas of research & development and commercialisation of medical technology.


e-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Retail, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Property, Technology

A comprehensive, tailored Omni-channel marketplace enabling Centre owners to integrate physical and digital retail journeys. A SaaS platform to monetise all retail offerings and constantly grow trade area penetration.

Cipherpoint Limited

Artificial Intelligence, Governance Technology

Cipherpoint protects enterprises’ most sensitive assets, being employee, customer, supplier and business data.

Parker Winston Eckhardt

Financial Services, Fund Manager, Fintech

At PWE, we have developed high frequency trading algorithms, which when combined with our proposed Direct-To-Bank trading environment, could extract substantial gains from the biggest market in the world – the FOREX market.

Cymra Life Sciences

Agriculture, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals

Cymra Life Sciences is an Australian owned licensed cultivator and manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis. We are focused on two key areas, genetic development and supply and pharmaceutical drug development.

We have an experienced pharmaceutical and nutraceutical board with the ex CEO of Asia Pacific for Alphapharm (now Merck) and ex CEO of Blackmores. Our management and operations team consists of experienced researchers, quality assurance, plant breeders and medical research.

Guarda Group Holdings Pty Ltd


Guarda Systems has invented revolutionary, patented technology that will save lives in the construction industry – both in Australia and around the world. Our Tri-Vac™ technology has been applied to develop masonry cutting equipment that reduces the level of silica dust workers are exposed to. It also completely removes carbon monoxide fumes and dramatically reduces slurry material. Global manufacturers have not been able to replicate this.

Tekuma Tech

Mining, Oil and Gas, Robotics

We’re improving how humans physically interact with technology. Our first product allows users to operate six-degrees of freedom entirely with two fingers. We have implemented it to control drones, underwater rovers, and multi-directional robots. It frees up your other hand to control a peripheral or other device enabling access for those with limited dexterity and mobility.

ECS Capital Partners

Fund Manager, Venture Capital

ECS Capital Partners is a venture capital firm investing globally in innovative seed and growth-stage deep-tech companies promising high financial return and positive human, social or environmental impact.

MOTUM Simulation

Manufacturing, Technology, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Software-as-a-Service, Virtual Reality

MOTUM Simulation is a Melbourne-based motion simulation company that has designed, developed and commercialised the world’s most cost-effective Six Degrees of Freedom motion simulation system. The patented motion base enables the system to provide simulation of land, sea and air vehicles with a very high degree of fidelity that to date has been only available on simulation platforms that cost at least 5 times more than the price offered by MOTUM.

Recollect Limited

Technology, Software-as-a-Service

Recollect is a comprehensive cloud-based software as a service solution that ensures important collections are easily accessible on-line and its unique focus on discovery tools help inspire community engagement and storytelling.

WMAC Cloud

Energy, Renewable Energy, Cleantech

WMAC.Cloud deploys smart device platform and grid science to deliver electrification readiness, machine automation, and unlock distributed energy resources.

The Distribution grid that powers your home and work is breaking down. The Electricity Sector model is breaking because it has not changed much in 150 years. Energy demand from electric vehicles, supply from solar, and extreme environmental events are disrupting energy reliability.

New Energy Technology

Renewable Energy, Technology, Cleantech

New Energy Technology (NET) seeks to acquire minority equity ownership in and commercialisation rights to a diversified portfolio of the most promising green hydrogen technology businesses from around the world and use its deep expertise to commercialise them globally.

Green Peak Energy Ltd

Agriculture, Agritech, Cleantech

Green Peak Energy (GPE) provides on-site solar/battery solutions for commercial and industrial customers across Australia. GPE funds 100% of the initial capital and lifecycle operating costs for systems installed, then sells all the energy generated to the business at the premises under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


Property, Blockchain, Online Marketplace

beNEXT uses Smart Legal Contract technology to solve real problems for people and businesses, starting with the property industry.

Agreements have been around for millennia. Signed in blood, sealed with wax, printed on paper or emailed via PDF. Now contracts are software, simplifying the connections between people, the information that is exchanged and the commerce that flows.


Education, Technology, Software-as-a-Service

TEX.inc is a marketplace platform that scales “experience-based learning” through personalised, live, 1:1 Advisory / Coaching / Mentoring across organisational and geo boundaries, and combines commercial and in-kind contributions that allows organisations and individuals to tailor the exchange of expertise at a rate they both agree to.

Polyline Pipe Systems Ltd

Agriculture, Mining, Infrastructure, Technology

Polyline Pipe Systems (PPS) patented mobile pipe extruder can potentially disrupt the multi-billion dollar high density polyethylene (HDPE) global pipe market.

Pela Global Limited


Pela Global Limited (“Pela” or “the Company”) is an Australian-registered, public, unlisted company with core operations and regional expertise in developing and operating mining ventures in Eastern Europe.

Geniusto International Ltd

e-Commerce, Financial Services, Fintech

Geniusto is a fintech enabler, a solutions and services provider. This is not just what we do. It is who we are. We deliver end-to-end next-gen digital banking technologies to: Banking, Securities, Finance, Insurance (BSFI) and other sectors globally. Working closely with local and global partners, we enable solutions that accelerate economic growth through: digital transformation, financial inclusion, and financial education.

Road Runner Mobile Tyres

Consumers, Consumer Goods, e-Commerce

In an age of convenience defined by disruptive services, Australia’s tyre market is ripe for disruption. And with demand for tyres ever-rising, purchasing factors such as choice, convenience and value for money are becoming paramount.

This is especially timely in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has elevated the necessity for more socially distant services. With all these factors combining in 2020, we believe Road Runner is uniquely placed to take advantage of market conditions and become a major player in the Australian tyre market, leveraging our mobile tyre-fitting service.

Rewire Holding LTD

Financial Services, Banking, Technology, Internet

Rewire Holding is a UK registered Fintech using the Saurus.com registered EU-trademark. Our market focus is on the Hispanic, Anglo & Muslim diasporas in Spain & UK (EEA).

Our technology is backed by IPR (2 granted & 1 pending patent). Our aim is to reach P&L breakeven in four years after Series A. Completed our APPs & Cloud infrastructure end Oct.´20, fully developed in-house, feeding into a regulated EMI Fintech to enter the international financial system.


Education, Healthcare, Virtual Reality

Vantari is Virtual Reality training for Healthcare. We help doctors and students practice and perfect lifesaving procedures in VR in order to reduce medical error and improve patient outcomes. Founded by clinicians in 2017, Vantari has positioned itself as the number 1 medical VR company in Australia with partnerships with major tertiary hospitals.

Achieved Music

Music, Social Media, App

A mobile app/website committed to musicians off all popularity, no longer will they have to feel unwanted because they don’t have a large following. Also website dedicated to providing the largest list of do it yourself producers who will be able to sign up and offer their services. As well as blogs and all the latest events.

Frazis Capital Partners

Financial Services, Fund Manager, Life Sciences, Fintech, Robotics, Software-as-a-Service

The Frazis Fund invests in leading innovative growth companies around the world, specifically we focus on companies with;

- Intense customer love
- Exponential revenue growth, and
- Genuine market leadership.

Stact Tech Pty Ltd

Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Fintech, Governance Technology, Robotics, Software-as-a-Service

STACT is a technology based platform that will assist the Built Environment and Infrastructure industry in a far more positive way than what currently exists. Importantly it is scalable to be compatible with large or small projects implementation.





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