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Student Super Professional Super

Student Super is most successful superannuation fund to enter the market in the last 5 years, with membership growing rapidly.
NPS of +45 vs the super industry average among university students of -50. 4,000 members in year one. 22,000 members in year two. On track for 55,000 members in 2020.

First Graphene Limited (ASX: FGR)

First Graphene Ltd. is the leading supplier of high-quality, bulk graphene products. The Company has a robust manufacturing platform based upon captive supply of high-purity raw materials and an established 100 tonnes/year graphene production capacity. Commercial applications are now being progressed in industrial composites & rubbers, fire retardancy, construction and energy storage.


At Visuo, our goal is to make it quick, easy, and affordable for our customers to create engaging videos for their businesses in a matter of minutes.

With our proprietary, AI-powered Intelligent Video Creation Platform, our customers can create professional-quality videos with no video skills or experience whatsoever. Like Magic!

Bricklet Pty Ltd

BRICKLET trades create broader and bigger property investment portfolios. Real estate is now being traded in fragments of property, similar to how stocks are traded as liquid assets of company capitalisations. 

BRICKLET has over 150 property developments applying for their Initial Bricklet Offering, where, on average, 20 fragments will be created per property and traded on


OnePassport is a patent-pending, cloud-based system for managing compliance and skills records that allows workers in highly regulated industries to manage their own information so that their employers don’t need to.

OnePassport was originally designed for the aged care sector, but has since grown into other regulated industries including disability, healthcare and employment services with new sectors approaching OnePassport regularly. The platform allows organisations to rapidly digitise their employment or membership records, before adding in the compliance and/or HR functionality depending upon their needs.

Guarda Group Holdings Pty Ltd

Guarda Systems has invented revolutionary, patented technology that will save lives in the construction industry – both in Australia and around the world. Our Tri-Vac™ technology has been applied to develop masonry cutting equipment that reduces the level of silica dust workers are exposed to. It also completely removes carbon monoxide fumes and dramatically reduces slurry material. Global manufacturers have not been able to replicate this.

Listing Loop

Listing Loop is a real estate marketplace that brings together off-market property listings from leading real estate agencies. It’s a new way to discover properties for sale that are not advertised to the masses. Agents can list their properties immediately with no sale, no charge marketing. Listing Loop has a high transaction, low overhead business model that is not only unique to Australia, but globally.

IBA Group Pty Ltd

Creating Australia's first ever digital ethical and Islamic bank.

Millenium Kapital Ltd

Millenium Kapital Ltd (MKL) is currently in pre-IPO stage where it is raising working capital at 1 pence. Its intention is to do a dual listing and float on the ‘Standard’ section of the London Stock Exchange and also the National Stock Exchange of Australia with approximately 135 million share issue and is targeting to raise a total of GBP 1,850,000 which will include IPO and pre IPO expenses.

Insync Funds Management Pty Ltd

Funds management is one of the most profitable fast-growing industries, growing at 3x global GDP.

Insync is rapidly developing into a highly scalable 21st century fund manager business with significant upside potential to its shareholders.

In a globally disruptive environment Insync’s skilled investment team applies its future focused expertise to emerging megatrends to deliver a top performing global equity fund.

Benlee Company Pty Ltd

We offer investors the opportunity to invest in individual property mortgages, these are typically secured by registered first mortgages over Australian property as well as personal guarantees and are usually less than a 65% Loan to Value Ratio. Our typical loan is for a term of three to six months and investors would receive at least 12.5% per annum. 

Kinoxis Therapeutics Pty Ltd

Kinoxis Therapeutics Pty Ltd is a pre-clinical stage, private biotechnology company based in Australia that is working to progress the development of a range of novel therapeutic small molecule compounds for the treatment of substance use disorders and other development, psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Rublix Development Pte. Ltd.

Rublix is a FinTech company building a social trading platform called HedgeTrade and has a data analytics and machine learning division called AlphaAnalytica.

DigitalX Ltd (ASX: DCC)

DigitalX is a Blockchain company with offices in Perth and New York. The Company offers blockchain consulting and development services and funds management services focused on digital assets.

Vado Private

Vado Private is a well-respected provider of private debt solutions. We achieve this through providing a superior product and service proposition to Investors and Borrowers.

The company is founded on the core values of integrity, accountability, diligence and creativity.

Our mission is to create a private lending and investment platform that enables Borrowers and Investors to collaborate in a more transparent and efficient manner.

Dunstan Baby Technologies

Breakthrough New AI technology - it not only tells you when your baby is crying, but Why it's crying

Summary is an award-winning online Mortgage Marketplace for short-medium term property finance and first mortgage investments. Founded in 2015, Funding has lent over $70m in mortgages across Australia. Funding’s investment platform is open to both retail and wholesale investors looking to access short term, first

mortgage secured investments with monthly distributions.

Dovetail Developments

Dovetail Developments is a multi-awarded property development company located in Melbourne’s South East specialising in developing architecturally inspired multi-unit townhouse projects and childcare centres. Dovetail provides a holistic end-to-end service offering, encompassing property research, acquisition, design, sales & marketing, finance and project management.


Unleashed Pty Ltd have developed Facilitate, a VR training management system that enables customers to create, manage and deploy their own custom virtual reality training content without the need for software development or 3D design skills.

Untitled design.jpg
Triple-1-Three Ltd

Triple-1-Three is driven by a cultural imperative of social amplification through the creation of compelling experiences that connect with people and through which people connect. Our consumer-centric model drives brand connection and volume growth of our award-winning craft beer through a network of owned, created and traditional channels to deliver on our commercial imperative of amplified investor value through growth and a defined exit strategy – while having some fun along the way.

Optiscan Imaging Limited (ASX:OIL)

OptiScan (ASX:OIL) has developed imaging technology for use in Cancer Screening and Surgery, providing an instantaneous “digital” biopsy.

Our technology forms part of the ZEISS CONVIVO™, developed in collaboration with Carl Zeiss Meditec, a leading German medical technology company for use in Brain Cancer. We are seeking approval in the US for our InVivage™ device in Oral Cancer.

SUDA Pharmaceuticals (ASX: SUD)

SUDA Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a world leader in reformulating and delivering medication through the oral mucosa.


The benefits for the patient include: faster onset of action; lower amount of drug required; reduced side effects; and increased patient compliance.

Oz Medicann Group

The Oz Medicann Group (OMG) is a diversified Australian medicinal cannabis company with licences secured through the Australian Office of Drug Control for research and cultivation. OMG adopts a fully integrated end-to-end business model with a focus on research and product development, education, cannabis cultivation, processing, and GMP manufacturing.

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MAAS Solutions

MAAS Solutions are specialised in Asset Optimisation and Asset Life Cycle Management. The company developed a unique multi-layered approach that incorporates asset identification, condition auditing, functional assessment, degradation modeling, and strategic asset planning. They are building and promoting the predictive approach to asset management with the help of monitoring devices, IoTs and using a powerful detailed algorithm for AI and machine learning (ML).

Stirling Property Funds

Stirling, with its unique blend of commercial and residential experience, aims to provide its investors superior, growth orientated returns through the acquisition and active repositioning of strategically located properties.

Endeavour Programme Holdings

Endeavour Programme’s artificial intelligence platform mitigates time and cost overruns on projects. Our world-first technology Octant AI, predicts problems on major projects faster, earlier and over 200% more accurately, allowing users to make better decisions earlier. We harness the power of project data to improve performance in a $10 trillion global industry. We are the vanguard of a paradigm change.

RAIC Capital

RAIC is an Investment Manager and a VC Enterprise, specialising in developing high yielding investment opportunities with a strong preference for Mortgage-backed securities. RAIC unique approach to lending and investing is to work together with both Project Partners and Investors to help create bespoke investment opportunities that can achieve the goals and needs of everyone involved.


Population growth of major cities has led to cremation becoming the leading method of body disposal globally.  Regulation of emissions is a major issue for governments and industry.

LifeArt has patented technology to manufacture low emission coffins & caskets which can be used in the funeral process just like traditional products.

London DE

Multiple award-winning London DE is the UK’s leading multi-channel supplier of bespoke jewellery and certified gemstones. We ethically source loose stones and create bespoke jewellery in our workshops in London’s Hatton Garden.

We draw on the broad knowledge, skills and experience of our team to engage our customers in a professional and consultative manner in order to deliver service excellence.

DomaCom Ltd (ASX: DCL)

DomaCom is the first and only ASX listed Fractional Investment Fund in the country, created to provide a better and easier means of investing in a variety of thematic property investments. DomaCom has deployed a model which allows investors to pool together to acquire property assets of their choice in a way that facilitates diversification thereby minimising risk. DomaCom has completed over 60 crowdfunding or syndicated acquisitions in residential, commercial, rural farmland and renewable energy and is working on similar syndications in affordable housing. 

Interactive Engineering Pty Ltd

Interactive Engineering is building its vision of an active, undirected structure in a computer to allow a machine to read and understand text, while expanding what it can understand by using human-readable resources with full meaning.

Digital Talent Group Pty Ltd

DTG is an impact organisation that provides outcomes for 2 struggling sectors: We reduce youth unemployment whilst increasing Small Business’s online visibility for economic growth.

The more revenue DTG generates, the more the Australian economy benefits. When we turnover $100m pa, the ripple effect is 2,000 youth become employed & 6,000 Small Businesses have a social media footprint.

Collins St Asset Management

The Collins Street Value Fund preserves and grows wealth for private investors through a benchmark unaware, high conviction Australian equities ‘value’ strategy that charges no fixed management fees. Having delivered ~20% p.a. gross returns since inception nearly four years ago the Fund is ranked #1 out of 106 in its Morningstar category over 12 months based on performance to 31/10/2019.

Imugene Ltd (ASX: IMU)

Imugene is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company. Its lead product is HER-Vaxx, a B Cell peptide vaccine for the treatment of gastric cancer. The company is also developing mimotope-based immunotherapies against validated and new oncology targets. 

Vira Drones

Engineers with 25 years of expertise in the aircraft industry have joined forces to create the perfect technology to power a high-capacity drone. Vira Drones is an innovative development in the drone industry: heavy-lifting autopilot drones able to carry up to 1000 kg and land on water or rural areas. Environmentally friendly, Vira Drones is a great solution for multiple applications: logistics, agriculture, firefighting, human rescue, humanitarian missions or special tasks. 

Briars Funds Management Pty Ltd

The Briars Monthly Income Fund provides Wholesale Investors (“Investors”) with the exclusive opportunity to invest in a managed investment scheme that will hold a range of loans secured by mortgages over Australian residential real property that may not otherwise be available to Investors.

IJ Capital

IJ Capital is a financial services provider and funds manager headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. IJ Capital provides a broad range of financial services including private funding, portfolio management, fixed income investments, lending products and IPO advisory. In addition, IJ Capital is responsible for issuing, acquiring and varying financial products on behalf of its clients.

Optima Mining Systems Pty Ltd

Optima Mining Systems is a different kind of mining company developing its own proprietary mining systems to mine stranded and undeveloped mineral deposits around the world in a socially acceptable and environmentally sustainable way.

Why spend money on exploration when over half of the mineral deposits discovered sit undeveloped?


Superdraft is in a prime position to capture a large portion of the highly fragmented residential design market by aggregating the industry’s best designers, consultants and builders into a single platform. This convenient ‘all in one’ solution provides consumers a superior service when compared to the alternative options operating in the market.

Halcyon Global

With offices in Australia, the UK and Singapore, Halcyon is a global firm set up to bring more of the world’s opportunities to the elite investor.

Being true innovators in the fintech space, we are passionate about bringing wholesale investors the newest ways to enhance their wealth creation ability.

One such innovation is the Halcyon trading algorithm. An AI system that provides real-time analysis across more than 37,000 different data points to drive more enlightened decision-making, and thus higher potential returns.

The Kendo Method

Kendo is a leader of HR Tech focused on performance improvement. Automation in the workforce, disruption, and the rise of the contingent worker are global trends changing the world of work… and traditional approaches to HR are not coping. Kendo improves the performance of people and the organisations they work for.

MTM Film Holdings Logo.png
MTM Film Holdings Pty Ltd

100% Tax deduction - Priority Gross Revenue Participation - Legacy Australian Film Experience.

MTM Film Holdings Pty Ltd is a Special Purpose Vehicle set up by Wallace Media Group Limited for the production of it’s Australian feature film – Molly The Magnificent.

Posture360 Australia Ltd

Posture360 is a Wearables AI technology company that provides research-based posture products with baked in sensors that analyse good and bad posture with gamified rewards throughout the day helping users relieve neck, shoulder, and backpain while optimizing their posture in real-time.

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Metabolic Health Solutions

Metabolic Health Solutions (MHS) is an integrated medical technology and digital health company, commercialising low cost, metabolic measurement technology to better clinically manage obesity, Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) and other common metabolic disorders.


MHS currently has CE, TGA and HSA Certification for its lead technology ECAL, and have early commercial activities in 8 Countries in Europe and Asia.​

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BuilDevelop Management

BuilDevelop is your key to acquire a new strata apartment for an on-completion cash outlay of 8% of its retail value.


Don’t buy off the plan, instead, build and develop off the feasibility® generating a 12% gain as bricks and mortar equity, acquiring the apartment for a substantially lower cash outlay to purchasing off the plan. IRR > 20%.


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